If you’re thinking about cremation, you may want to know more about the process and the many services available to you.

Cremation dates back to ancient times, people choose cremation for variety of reasons.  Philosophical, religious, environmental, and financial reason sometimes play a very important role.  Our purpose at Kramer Funeral Home, is to provide your family with affordable cremation services while preserving dignity, support and caring for your family.

The process:

Cremation is the process in which the body of the deceased is reduced to bone fragments by the way of intense heat.  Fragments of the remains are processed into finer substance or ashes.  Cremated remains then are placed in an urn or temporary container.


There are three options when you select Cremation as your form of final disposition.

  1. Traditional Service followed by Cremation. You may choose to have a public or private viewing.
  2. Cremation followed with a Memorial Service. The Memorial Service, with or without urn present, provides an opportunity for family and friends to join together in a formal ceremony.
  3. Cremation Only:  If you select cremation as final disposition of the body without viewing, visitation or funeral service, our services will include the support of our staff, necessary authorizations, removal and care of the remains, transportation to crematorium, cremation and bringing back the Kramer Funeral Home.


  1. Burial of the remains in a Cemetery
  2. Above ground Entombment
  3. Scattering
  4. Permanent possession.

We can talk to you about all of your options, the cost involved and our wide range of urns available.